Coaching is a process of individual work on the employees’ specific challenges, so employees could develop inner clarity, as well as be(come) congruent and effective in their behaviour in different business tasks and contexts. In order to achieve that, employee and coach work intensively on defining employee’s goals in the coming working period, as well as on a critical reflection on the employee's current level of competence in relation to that goal. Also, through the coaching process, coach helps employee discover his own limiting and supportive believes (about himself, about others, about business, etc.). In this way, employee develops a high level of self-consciousness, which in return helps him focus his actions in the wanted direction. Besides that, through the process of coaching, employee and coach work on specific challenges that employee is dealing with in his everyday work, which enables fast and focused development of business skills. Coach helps employee analyse and understand every challenging situation, as well as to find an effective strategy for resolving it (e.g. the important presentations, meetings, sales and negotiating situations, conflicts within the team, etc.).  

Areas that are usually covered through business coaching are: 

  • emotional competence and self-confidence development
  • development of proactivity in work and constructive way of thinking 
  • communication and presentation skills 
  • conflict management skills  
  • sales and negotiating skills 
  • problem solving and decision-making skills 
  • stress management skills 
  • time management skills  
  • etc.



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