Psychological assessment

Psychological assessment is a process of evaluating personal and professional characteristics of an individual, during which we use latest psychometric methods which consist of standard tests of abilities and personality, as well as the questionnaires’ for self-evaluation. Characteristics which are being evaluated include intellectual potential, personality and emotional profile, values, attitudes, motivation, work style, ability to cope with stress, etc.

The main goal of psychological assessment is to create the most precise picture of an individual, that is, to see what are his strengths, and where is his room for improvement. Collected results serve as a base for concluding whether the employee or candidate is competent for the job he has, or the job he applied for, as well as what additional skills he should adopt in order to improve his effectiveness. Also, recommendations are given to the employer on how to manage the candidate so that he could achieve better results according to his knowledge and characteristics.
If needed, psychological assessment can be used for the purpose of future career development, as well as for creating educations and trainings which will result in gaining new skills and knowledge for the employee.  
Personal characteristics and skills are generally inseparable from the professional ones because the strengths and weaknesses of each individual person are usually connected to all aspects of their life. However, some parts of psychological assessment focus more on personal characteristics and skills, while others focus more on professional characteristics and abilities of an individual. 



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