Ramiro Business Trainings

Ramiro training programs are based on the knowledge in the field of psychology and business. In our work we integrate the latest findings in cognitive and behaviour sciences (neuroscience, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming) with leadership and management practices.  

The goal of every Ramiro training is to provide employees with a new business knowledge, skills, behavioural patterns and positive attitudes (i.e. competences), based on deep understanding of their importance and usefulness in everyday work, in order to systematically achieve specific business results.   
Our trainers are experts with rich knowledge and experience. When working with individuals and groups they apply effective techniques in order to create highly motivating atmosphere in which learning naturally happens. In this way, employees are much more motivated to integrate all the learnings in their everyday work.    
The training curriculum is always created in accordance with organizational and participants' needs. Concrete exercises and case studies are developed, so that participants have the opportunity to adopt new competences on examples similar to situations they encounter in their daily work. In that way, they practice different ways of behaviour in a “safe” and motivating environment and have the opportunity to get trainer's instructions and feedback from other participants, which encourage them to implement new knowledge more quickly.   
Each participant receives a number of very useful business tools (e.g. tables for analyzing situation, mode for asking the right questions, questions for negotiation preparation, etc.) which can also help them practice new skills in everyday business environment.   
After being a part of training program, participants feel more confident, motivated and ready for all the challenges in their work.  



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