Ramiro team


Tanja Pureta

Master in Psychology, Industrial an Organizational Psychology Specialist

Master in Psychology, Organizational and industrial psychology specialist (Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb, Croatia), certified NLP trainer, HNLP trainer and NLP coach. Tanja has an 8-year working experience in two reputable international companies: Pliva d.d. (Marketing Assistant form 1994-1997) and IBM Croatia Ltd (Manager for integrated marketing and communications in period 1997-2002).  Tanja owns many certificates of business trainings she participated in, in Croatia and abroad (organizational development, HR management, leadership and marketing). Since 2002, she owns and manages company Ramiro.

Igor Pureta, Ph. D.

Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb in 1987, with a degree in Operations Research. At Durham University, he completed his Master's Degree in Business Management (MBA) with a Master's thesis "Service Orientation of an Insurance Company." He received his Ph. D. from the Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek in 2019 with the topic "The impact of the quality of leadership and management on the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises." He has worked as a manager in international companies such as Coca-Cola Bottlers and Henkel Croatia. He also founded and has been CEO of Loctite Inc. and representative office of Tenneco Automotive in the Republic of Croatia, thus gaining experience not only in the international working environment but also in various industries. He has been a member since 1999 and, since 2004, Chairman of the Management Board of Grawe Croatia with direct responsibility for sales and marketing activities, customer service, education and human resources development. Since 2020 he is Board member in Ramiro. In addition to his business career, he is publishing scientific papers and participates in international conferences. His extensive expertise in leadership which is his constant theoretical and practical inspiration he passes on to young generations as a lecturer at the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management.

Martina Trboglav Podvorac

Master in Psychology

Martina holds Master’s degree in Psychology and is certified NLP trainer, HNLP trainer and NLP coach and certified hypnotherapist. She is also the leading trainer of Ramiro Leadership NLP Academy. Through her career Martina gained broad experience as a consultant in the field of organizational and HR development. She created and carried out a large amount of projects which include assessment and development of employees and managers. As a management consultant, Martina has worked on the identification of the cause of organization’s insufficient business results, as well as establishing and implementing the specific steps to improve business. As a trainer, she runs various seminars and trainings in many organizations. Martina also works as a teambuilding facilitator. She is constantly developing as a coach and a mediator. She owns many certificates of business trainings she participated in Croatia and abroad.

Iva Maksimović

Master in Psychology

Iva has been a part of Ramiro's team as a trainer for professional and personal development since 2014, and since 2015, as a consultant. Motivated by a desire to gain extensive psychological experience, she has developed her career in different areas of psychology. Iva started seven years ago as a school psychologist, and had the opportunity to influence one of the most challenging groups - adolescents. She joined organizational psychology as a counsellor for vocational guidance at the Croatian Employment Service, working on the processes of recruitment and selection, career guidance, training and development. As an HR specialist in a successful HR team at Pevec, Iva broadened her consultant and trainer experience in the retail environment. She acquired a second degree diploma in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Coach of NLP training and education for CHRM (Certificate in HR Management) at the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), one of the world's leading professional organizations for HR and employee development.

Tihana Cuzek

Master in Psychology, certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach

Tihana developed her knowledge and skills working in different areas of psychology, with the purpose of meeting and understanding a broad circle of people, of different age and experience. She started her career as the Head of Human Recourses for one of the leading media companies for students in Croatia. She was responsible for managing the recruitment and selection process, conducting the onboarding and working on leadership and team development. Tihana has been a part of Ramiro's team since 2016. She creates and actively participates in many different organizational development projects and conducts employee and manager assessments. The area that interests her the most is development of so-called soft skills and empowering teams thorough trainings and team-buildings. She constantly perfects her skills and knowledge by actively participating in various conferences and numerous psychological and business education programs.

Nikolina Vukojević

Master in Psychology, certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach

Nikolina actively gains her experience during college by organizing and participating in various student and professional congresses and conferences, through which she deepens her psychological knowledge and collaborates with different teams. She gains most of her experience in development, management and implementing projects in various fields of psychology through her volunteer experience in the European Federation of Psychological Students' Associations (EFPSA). The project she is particularly proud of is the Mind the Mind campaign for combating the stigma of mental disorders, in which she played the role of local coordinator for Zagreb, through which she has influenced more than 1500 young people. She is a part of Ramiro team since 2017, where she begins her development in the field of organizational psychology. She participates in creation and implementation of numerous projects of organizational development. Soft skills and empowering teams through trainings and team-buildings are an area of particular interest to her. She is constantly improving her knowledge and skills by participating in various psychological and business conferences and trainings.

Petra Đopar

Master in Psychology

During her study she gained interest in Organisational psychology and started her first practical experience in that field as the Head of human recourses of one of the regional student association. There, she organised recruitment and selection processes as well as the member socialization.  Her love for this field had grown during student practice in Ramiro, where she gained new knowledge and skills such as organising and leading business trainings and team building workshops. Today, as the member of Ramiro team, she actively participates in processes of selection and recruitment, writing reports about psychological assessment and leading educations and team building workshops. She shows her interest for people through a wide range of volunteer experience from participation on project in STEM field to food distribution to the ones in need in London.  She constantly perfects her skills and knowledge; therefore, she is currently attending the Practitioner level of NLP training.

Ana Matešić

Master in Psychology

Psychology is her personal vocation ever since the first year of studies, during which she has acquired numerous practical experiences in various fields of psychological activity. She has participated in numerous national and international psychology conferences. In addition, she has conducted workshops in the field of evolutionary psychology at festivals that aim to popularize psychology as a science. While working in various associations, she has acquired the knowledge and skills of working with people of different profiles and problems. Some of them are Hrabri telefon – children helpline, Centre Sirius and the Society for Psychological Assistance, where she was conducting preventative and socialization activities and started developing a love for psychoeducation and working with groups. Her career in organizational psychology started at a recruitment agency, where she participated in the recruitment and selection processes of employees of various profiles. Nowadays she continues to develop her knowledge and skills as a member of the Ramiro team. Ana also actively provides trainings of communication and emotion management skills. She is interested in the topic of work-life balance and has conducted research on this topic as part of her master's thesis. Currently, she is attending Ramiro Leadership NLP Academy - Practitioner Level and is continuing her professional and business development.

Maja Holjak

Bachelor of Transport sciences, certified NLP Practitioner, Office Manager in Ramiro

Maja ensures the company's day-to-day business operations, including - administration, compliance of work responsibilities and business meetings, business correspondence, part of financial tasks and coordination with Accounting, and logistical support for all company activities, which, among other things, include procurment of office materials, preparation of materials for workshops and lectures, event organization etc. She administers the Ramiro official web site and manages social networks.  

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