Leadership, what I think about it

Igor Pureta Igor Pureta

What is leadership? He helps people around us. We should deeply think about changing ourselves before we try to change everybody else.

Better leadership, better results

Leadership is way of thinking that should help people around us who call themselves leaders to achieve results, goals and to easier find way through obstacles around them. And is it really so? Do leaders really know what they should do or they just think that everything they do is leadership? There are dozens of definitions what leadership is (or should be) and each and every one of them is applicable for some people or some situation. We usually choose one which is applicable for us and then try to convince everybody around us that this is the real thing. This is what should be done and this is what should move the masses or at least nearby workers. And we continue to do so often with lot of efforts and without success. We are deeply convinced that leadership works because some guys have written a book about it. We admire results that some other guys have achieved (although we do not know if it happened with or without help of it).


Do we ever think we should change the definition of leadership as something on which we base our strategy? Do we ever think that we should change ourselves before we start to prophet leadership among others? Of course, not! Why should we do this when there is proven record of someone else’s success and who cares that we are different! Well, we should care! Just repeating what somebody else has done will not put us on the right track. We should deeply think about changing ourselves before we try to change everybody else.

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